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Healing Radiation Injuries: Proper Care and Advanced Therapies

Radiation therapy has helped millions of cancer patients to fight cancer, but unfortunately, it often comes with side effects that can cause significant pain and discomfort to patients. Radiation induced injuries which can occur anywhere from minutes to months after treatment, are one such side effect. These injuries can add another level of discomfort to the already traumatic cancer treatment process. That is why proper radiation care is essential for patients.

Radiation injuries occur when radiation injures healthy cells and tissues in its quest to stop the spread of cancer. Radiation therapy cannot specifically target only cancer cells, and this creates burns and ulcers on the body, which appear as redness, itching, peeling, and blistering, among other symptoms. Radiation injuries can also become non-healing ulcers that increase the risk of infection.

Proper wound care is critical for radiation wound treatment, and MVS Woundcare and Hyperbarics offers expert wound care services to patients suffering from radiation injuries. We offer advanced therapies previously only available at large medical institutions in seven convenient locations throughout Maryland.

Strategic nutrition, continual wound care, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) are essential for radiation wound care. Vitamins and minerals provide fuel for cells as they heal and regenerate wounds. High doses of vitamin C and vitamin E can accelerate wound healing and reverse the impairment of collagen synthesis. Protein is also critical for tissue repair. Proper wound dressing and antibiotics help control infection, while offloading helps remove pressure from the injured area.

HBOT plays a significant role in radiation wound healing. It uses concentrated 100% oxygen at pressures above regular atmospheric pressure to push oxygen through the bloodstream, stimulating and supporting the body’s natural healing process. By trusting MVS Woundcare and Hyperbarics with your radiation wound treatment, you benefit from the latest hyperbaric technology in a private setting.

Radiation injuries can cause significant pain and discomfort to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. Proper radiation care from a qualified wound care expert can reduce the burden of radiation injuries, prevent chronic infections from developing, and help patients heal quickly.

To schedule a consultation with MVS Woundcare & Hyperbarics, please call 410-433-4300.

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