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What To Expect From Our Wound Care Specialists

If you suffer from a chronic wound, you shouldn’t feel too ashamed, disheartened, or scared by it to seek help from a professional. Diabetic foot ulcers, osteomyelitis, and other wound-related conditions are prevalent in the United States, and proper attention can result in proper healing.

In the case of open sores and other hard-to-treat recurrent wounds, a wound care specialist is the best person to seek medical advice. Our Wound Care specialists treat various targeted issues that can inhibit a person’s quality of life. Treating wounds and hastening wound recovery is the goal of all wound care specialists — which is what makes them so integral to competent patient care.

When To See A Wound Care Specialist

Wound care specialists are experts in treating, dressing, and cleaning wounds. In addition to the medical training they may receive as doctors or nurses, they also undergo a rigorous, three-year wound care treatment training. While treating their patients, they will instruct their patients and their caregivers on how to treat and dress wounds.

If you’ve lived with a chronic sore or wound, it can be challenging to know when to seek professional treatment from a wound care specialist. Some of the main reasons wound care patients seek out our help include:

How Do Wound Care Specialists Treat Wounds?

Your wound care specialist will take a personalized approach to your treatment.

First, they will evaluate your medical history and any specific needs you might have. From there, they will suggest the best course of action for healing your current ailment. Wound care responds particularly well to oxygen, which is critical in the healing process throughout the body. Therefore, it’s likely that hyperbaric oxygen chambers (or HBOT chambers) could be a routine part of wound care treatment.

MVS Woundcare and Hyperbarics is the leader in HBOT in Maryland and the surrounding states. We offer HBOT treatment at three of our locations (Rosedale, Cockeysville, and Glen Burnie).

Why Should You Work With A Wound Care Specialist?

Wound care specialists are known to decrease the risk of severe complications from ailments such as diabetic ulcers of the foot, the treatment of osteomyelitis, the treatment of concussions, the recovery of burns, and much more. They understand the warning signs of infection, know the most effective ways to treat advanced wound cases, and have state-of-the-art tools that increase the comfort and effectiveness of treatment.

To learn more about how our providers can assist in your healing process, and to schedule a consultation with one of our wound care specialists, please call us at (410) 433-4300.

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