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How COVID Has Impacted Routine Doctor’s Appointments

At MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics, we are committed to our patients’ health. Anyone living with chronic wounds or wounds related to diabetes knows that preventative health is the most optimal way to keep yourself from pain and illness.

However, the past year has proven to be an issue when it comes to preventative health. Many people are scared or confused about what constitutes a good reason to leave home, especially when they are unsure about the preventative measures facilities are taking to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Here’s a little more about what MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics is doing to minimize the risk of infection at their offices and more about why you shouldn’t skip your wound care appointment.

MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics Is Open For Business

MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics have remained open for business over the past year during the Coronavirus pandemic because we believe that consistent care for wounds (including diabetic ulcers of the foot) is one of the best ways to recover from severe wounds. 

To ensure our staff and our patients’ safety, MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics have taken extra measures to clean, sanitize, and make sure our facilities are free of potential contamination. These measures include:

  • A pre-screening of all patients over the phone before their appointments. We ensure patients who are about to come in for their appointments are showing no COVID-19 symptoms during the pre-screening.
  • An immediate temperature check at check-in. Our front-desk staff takes temperatures of all patients at the time of their appointments, regardless of their pre-screening. If a patient is running a temperature, we will ask them to reschedule their appointment. 
  • We ensure our waiting room is sanitized regularly throughout the day, and we limit the number of people in the waiting room, exam rooms, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers.
  • We sanitize the hyperbaric oxygen chambers before and after use.

Should I Go To My Doctor’s Appointment?

The CDC and other top health officials recommend only visiting public places out of necessity and avoiding crowds when possible. The places they have recommended avoiding include bars, indoor meeting places, conventions, fairs, and stores when not shopping for necessities (like groceries).

However, health officials agree that preventative care should be a top priority, even during a pandemic. It’s for this reason that they have recommended keeping nutritious foods on hand to nourish the body, participating in exercise when practical, and focusing on mental and physical health. People should always go to their doctors’ appointments when they are scheduled. This goes doubly for any appointments regarding severe and potentially life-threatening issues like untreated wounds. 

Medical experts understand the risks associated with venturing into a public or semi-public place, and they weigh the risks and benefits before scheduling a visit. Ignoring something that your doctor says you should seek treatment for — like a diabetic ulcer of the foot — could mean more serious issues will arise down the road.

MVS Wound Care and Hyperbarics are leaders in wound treatment and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in the greater Baltimore area. For more information on what we do, visit us at

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